Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly.

make sure you frisk me good

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28 July 1992
New Jersey, United States
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ai8, american idol, angel, arizona iced teas, astronomy, avengers, awkward, badfic, britney spears, cats, celebrity gossip, charity, cooking shows, cordelia chase, fandom, fanfic, feminism, femslash, friends, gay rights, general hospital, glee, golden girls, harry potter, hip hop, jennifer aniston, jennifer lopez, jersey shore, kris allen, lesbians, lgbtq, little miss sunshine, lotr, mean girls, megan fox, mia, mila kunis, miley cyrus, new jersey, nicki minaj, otters, politics, pop culture, pop music, porn, pro-choice, puppies, reading, rihanna, rpf, shameless, shutter island, slash, soaps, sociology, sunshine cleaning, supernatural, teen wolf, that 70s show, thin crust pizzas, transformers, twitter, wank, women, women's rights

Watching it burn, and it's beautiful, and it's blue,
and it's pitiful when it's through, it's the other half of me.

21. pakistani-american girl born and raised in new jersey (okay lies I was born in washington dc, but I should've been born in NJ).
has an affinity for pop culture, good (and bad) porn, and feminism.

american idol, glee, angel, harry potter, politics, rihanna (idek if that counts as fandom), pop culture, teen wolf, transformers, that 70s show, shameless, avengers, supernatural

friending policy~
I don't really use LJ lots so I'm w/e about friending. Usually if you friend me, I'll friend you back, if I don't for some reason just hit me up on twitter.

"Fuck a lot of people. Not just one. A lot." - Little Miss Sunshine

(CentaurFelicis15 @Pottermore, House: Hufflepuff)
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