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An Avengers Reclist (Black Widow Style)

Photo Credit to lshgsk at deviantart


Anyway I Do (Completed)
Tony discovers Clint and Natasha got married, reacts typically.

Deprivation (Completed)
Natasha and Clint's first mission comes back to haunt them in the worst way possible, leaving Clint desperate to help his partner who refuses to sleep.

When The Past Catches Up (Completed) (TW: Rape)
“Bad things can happen to little girls, Clint,” she whispered. “It’s the way of the world.”

Nothing Else Matters (Completed)
Six hours ago she'd stopped breathing.

Trapped (Completed)
Time moved slowly when nothing around you was moving. Least of all you.

those who are afraid of wolves (Completed w/ a prequel here)
There is a saying: those who are afraid of wolves should not go into the woods. Natasha is not a wolf, but she is not afraid of them, either.

four people clint barton kissed for the mission (and one he'd know anywhere) (Completed)
Hawkeye actually does have a superpower. It involves kissing people.

Revelator (Completed)
Natasha understands what it means to be unmade. Post-movie.

Elemental (Completed)
Four things Clint and Natasha know about each other, and one thing they don't.

Firebird (Completed)
Natasha's drunk on vodka that came from a bottle which only has Cyrillic letters, and she's telling Clint about fire.

got fourteen angels (Completed w/ sequel here)
They know each other too well.

Rest for the Weary (WIP)
The dust settles and the world begins to go back to normal—except for the fact that she can't sleep.

Just Like Budapest (Completed)
Clint and Natasha in the hours immediately after shawarma.

You Have Heart (WIP)
Natasha and Clint are both affected by what Loki did and now Natasha takes it on herself to keep Clint from torturing himself with it as they return to work.

You're just another entry in the ledger (Completed)
Clint doesn't know when Natasha started watching him sleep. But it's nice to know he won't get up and kill anyone in the middle of the night

he has me by my heart (Completed)
Natasha and Clint share a moment (or more, where did that figure of speech come from?), and by "moment" I mean bodily fluids, and by "share a moment" I mean fuck.

The Ballad of Natasha & Clint (Completed)
"They will die in the end." Clint and Natasha are psychopaths in love. Bonnie and Clyde AU.

panacean (Completed)
Clint is sure that he breathes because Natasha breathes too.

red on our fingertips (Completed)
both their hands are stained with blood

we were emergencies (Completed)
It's not about being unmade; it's about remaking, one aching step at a time.

in the service of liars and killers (Completed)
In retrospect, it's absurd how easily she incapacitates him. Cross to the right cheek, elbow block, backstab to the solar plexus, and then a roundhouse kick to finish things off. That last one seems a bit excessive at the time, but who is he to question her style? Close hand-to-hand combat has never been his strongest suit.

Past Aggression (WIP)
“We can do this one of two ways,” he says quietly when her glazed eyes finally meet his. “I can give you something to bite on and hold you down or I can tie you to the bed.”

Cakewalk (Completed)
Early on, he’d been surprised that she trusted him enough to sleep in front of him. Later, he realized that she simply hadn’t feared him.

Understanding (Completed)
It’s first said in Budapest, stuffed twenty feet underground and holed up in the office of an abandoned mine.

fubar (Completed)
After New York, Natasha takes Clint to Russia to either put him together or watch him fall apart.

Moving Targets (Completed)
Aftermath of the battle, dealing with the damages.

Of Languages (Completed)
After a life spent immersed in secrets, it was difficult to let go and learn to live without them.

bare (Completed)
She'll never work undercover again.

Mimosas and Versace (Completed)
Trying to extricate themselves from a situation, Clint ruins Natasha's Versace dress. She is not pleased.

fade in on a girl (Completed)
The prevalence of sexual cannibalism gives several species of spider in the genus Latrodectus the colorful common name "black widow". However, the female does not always kill and eat the male.

All That You Know (Completed)
After Loki's gone, the cracks begin to show

striking out across America (Completed)
She dyes her hair in a motel in St. Louis, leaves rings of red in the sink.

the rest, as they say (Completed)
A simple clean up job gets more than a little complicated, and three hours in, it becomes pretty clear that Budapest is no piece of cake.

Compromised (Completed)
Natasha and Clint have to get out of New York. They have some processing to do.

to be unmade (Completed)
They do not meet in Budapest. They do not meet until after, somewhere in the air over Istanbul. Or, more accurately: they do not meet AGAIN until somewhere in the air over Istanbul, and it is the first time, but not the FIRST first time.

come and go blues (Completed)
My father was a gambler down in Georgia / he wound up on the wrong end of a gun / and I was born in the back seat of a Greyhound bus / rollin' down highway 41

pull up in your fast car, whistling my name (Completed)
in which Clint is Bonnie and Natasha is Clyde

and he tastes like home (Completed)
you like your girls insane.

World On Fire (Completed)
e first sees her from a rooftop in St Petersburg in the light of an inferno.

time has taught me to pick up her pieces (Completed)
“I can't get the blood off my hands,” Natasha said.

“Yeah,” he said, quietly. “I know.”

Halászbástya (Completed)
What Budapest meant to them.

An Arrow, Discarded (Completed w/ companion fic here)
He is Clint Barton and he is Hawkeye and he is Loki and he is a rime of blue ice. He is an arrow loosed from a madman's bow.

You Know These Words (Completed)
Movieverse. The one where Clint Barton used to be a Hunter. A crossover of sorts with Supernatural.

I am the heart that you call home (Completed)
“In Soviet Russia, marriage chooses you.” Mr & Mrs Smith AU.

What Makes You Beautiful (Completed)
Natasha, Clint, a truckload of guilt, and a boatload of love, for about a year.

Don't Tell the Bride (She'll Kill You With a Napkin) (WIP)
An Avengers / Hangover crossover fic. I don't know, guys. I really don't know.

My My Miss Montecore (Completed)
Natasha's first mission at SHIELD doesn't go as planned.

All Your Metal Armor (Completed)
SHIELD sends their two master assassins off to heal up after battle. Natasha has trouble taking her armor off. Clint is the arrow that always gets through it.

Red (Completed)
Her hair is long when she goes to Russia, and short when she comes back.

Clint does not know what happens to her in-between - he barely knows what happens to himself.

Christmas in St. Petersburg (Completed)
Agent Clint Barton, codename Hawkeye, is sent to kill a target known only as the Black Widow - but Clint makes a different call.

my chick do stuff that i can't even put in words (Completed)
Clint could technically get himself out of the hostage situation, because Clint is a SHIELD agent with a considerable skill set of his own, but he doesn’t.

Truth is, he loves to watch Natasha work.

Rivers and Roads (Completed w/ companion fic here)
Natasha, Clint, and a house in the countryside, surrounded by trees and endless fields of rolling grass. Healing in the wake of devastation is never simple, but maybe here, in this quiet place, they can try.

Movie Night (Completed)
"Rodgers hasn’t seen Godfather. Or anything since Wizard of Oz. This must be rectified." For a few weeks, Natasha thinks Stark’s incessant badgering is the worst thing in her life. Then, in North Korea, ‘worst’ gets its proper definition back.

Iridescent (Completed) (Warning: Character Death)
Natasha has been terrified six times in her life, and she runs it like a cycle in her mind to remind herself that she has always seen worse. When Clint falls into a coma, however, she thinks perhaps she hasn't known terror at all.

The Only Soldier Now Is Me (Completed)
She told Loki that Barton was sent to kill her, and he made a different call. That’s only part of the story. And not even the most interesting part. An examination of Natasha Romanova's journey to SHIELD and the Avengers.

I'm Making Eyes at You (Completed)
Even despite their intimate relationship, Natasha feels cold and detached. Always operating under total control, every assurance of affection seems shallow and plastic. Clint tries to work through it, but after all that training Natasha really can't let go.

So he cheats on her. He takes a lover that responds to his touch without calculation, who really lets him know how they feel, whose sweet murmurs seem genuine. He does it partly to fill the cold ache of loneliness, but partly to test if Natasha really feels anything for him at all.

It breaks her heart.

Two Truths and Lie (Completed)
Clint and Natasha remember Budapest very differently.

one single static frame (Completed)
she smiles at him, a smile he's never seen in the waking world, and he smiles back, because it's enough, somehow, just this, but, always but.

It's fine, whatever, sleep is for dummies. (Completed)
They were secretly married through the whole movie.

no light in this valley (Completed)
30 miles to water, 20 miles to wood, 10 miles to hell and I gone there for good


Alone With You (Completed)
He could understand why you might not regret the way your life had gone, but you could still dream about what could have been different.

Subject to Change (Completed)
Natasha liked having a plan, and her lunch dates were not an exception to that. Everything that happened between those lunch dates, on the other hand, was subject to change.

what a smile means (Completed)
Natasha knows a lot of things Steve doesn't.

Anachronism (Completed)
She imagines it: falling asleep that winter in her childhood before all the death, waking with nothing to bind her, waking again to blood and pain. Made and unmade.

Win-Win (Completed)
Natasha and Steve spar, in more ways than one.

He Who Fights With Monsters (Completed)
He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster ~Friedrich Nietzsche

Kick Off Your Sunday Shoes (WIP)
Natasha thought it was a shame that Steve had never been dancing.

Moving The Furniture (Completed)
Steve thinks about sex a lot, and he'd like to have some, if he could just stop being an idiot around the people he'd like to have it with.

Things More Intimate (Completed)
He'd asked her if he could draw her. She'd teased, wondering at the kind of drawings he meant. In the end ... in all innocence, maybe he'd drawn something more intimate still.


other maps will tell you (Completed)
Bruce keeps moving from place to place. Natasha is assigned to keep an eye on him. They start meeting halfway.

The Dread of Touching (Completed)
Bruce is frightened, but not for himself.

Wash the Day Away (Completed)
“Natasha,” he says, because he remembers that she called him Bruce before the other guy came out, when she was trapped and scared – and he can still see her face when he thinks about it, remembers wondering if he was going to hurt or kill her.

What Doesn't Kill You (Completed)
This was the third time Natasha was stuck with him when he lost control, and she was starting to wonder if someone wasn't planning it to happen that way.

Neither Wild nor Tame (Completed)
“He respects you,” Bruce concludes. “That doesn't mean he won't challenge you, some other time. His priorities, his loyalties, they aren't human.”

“Neither are mine,” Natasha says simply, shrugging, as if that solves everything.

An Out, a Sanctuary (Completed)
Tony keeps trying to be helpful. It works out about as well as absolutely no one expects it to.

o fill me with strength (Completed)
The rescue mission is a success but Natasha is angry, everybody is making a fuss and the only one pushing the right buttons is Bruce.

A Fine Spur (Completed)
Uninterested in being an Avenger, Bruce goes back into hiding. Once more Natasha is sent to recruit him, but she has an agenda of her own. They navigate being human. At least one of them sometimes fails.

what a way to make a living (Completed)
"Well," Bruce says, "this isn't at all awkward."

Walk a While Beside You (Completed)
Five observations Bruce has about living with Natasha in Stark Tower with the rest of the Avengers.

Of Things Worth Defending (Completed)
It's as subtle as a single puff of breath, but she knows they have uninvited guests.

Things Being What They Are (Completed)
He likes the idea of calling things what they are. He likes the idea of it better than the actuality, and so he calls himself 'Bruce' or 'the other guy' when what he means is always 'me.'

Natasha has an encounter with a pleasant doctor in a lab.

although it's so romantic on the borderline tonight. (Completed)
“You shouldn’t google yourself,” Natasha tells Bruce.

I Know My Place (But It Don't Know Me) (Completed)
Bruce and Natasha work out some issues by talking about Anne of Green Gables. Mostly.

we few, we happy few, we band of-- (Completed)
Captain America sleeps for seventy years, but the Winter Soldier doesn’t. Steve slept in hibernation, but the man she knows as James marched through the winter and stained the snow with blood. She knows: she was there. She knows: she stained it, too.

Clandestine (Completed)
Sometimes there really is only one way to get the information you need, and that way involves undressing your fake boss before his birthday party.

there are many names in history (and all of them are ours) (Completed)
Russia is born in the wake of a falling wall. America rises from the ashes of war. Tony and Natasha just try to make it.


Aphrodite and The Internet (WIP)
Black Widow is assigned a personal assistant. Her name? Darcy Lewis.

RED (Completed) (TW: Attempted Rape)
These are not all lies.


Grapevine Fires (Completed)
Natasha isn’t heartless. She is just… no longer able to completely feel.

I can't see the future but I know it's got big plans for me (Completed)
She keeps secrets the way others keep memories.

beneath skin and bone (Completed) (Character Death)
No one knows how it happens. One night they go to sleep, and then the next morning there's a virus sweeping through the human population, and now they're on the run.

Knit 1, Purl 2, Save The World (Again) (Completed)
Or, The Avengers Tower Stitch & Bitch Club

four times somebody trusted Natasha Romanoff (and one time Natasha trusted somebody) (Completed)
Natasha is not used to being treated as something other than a threat.

Chrysalis (Completed)
When she dreams she's eight years old again, bent on hands and knees, trying not to vomit from the stuff they've pumped into the room while she screams her loyalty again and again because she saw what happened to the last girl who failed the test, and the men with their red ledgers wear gas masks and nod at each other while they take notes, she shows promise, this girl, such promise…

Stained (Completed) (TW: Mentions of Suicide)
And as she stares into the darkness of the alley below her, comfortable and patiently waiting, she wonders how many people fear it. Not the fear of falling, but the idea that they might jump.

Five Times Natasha Felt Out Of Place (Completed)
Natasha Romanov had always been alone.

there are demons dancing through your dreams (Completed)
She sinks herself into the rhythms of combat and carefully does not to think about silk skipping across scuffed wood floors or ribbons tangling around strong, delicate ankles.

the way out is through (Completed)
Little by little, Natasha becomes part of the team.

To the horizon (Completed)
Horizons are funny things.

Talking to Michelangelo (Completed)
In which Natasha gets sex pollen'd and refuses to let anyone near her; the men are all gentlemen, including Tony; and you never thought Barton could sing, did you.

pregnancy (WIP)
Natasha gets pregnant by mistake

any man of mine (better walk the line) (Completed)
Clint knows what’s up. Hard to miss something as tabloid sensational as a sex tape and tell-all about the Black Widow.

Only this time, he's not the only one who's got her back.

Anatomy for Children (Completed)
Natasha doesn't literally have X-Ray vision, but she's good at seeing through people. After assembly, she still sees the bits and pieces that make up her teammates, the ways they hold themselves apart from each other and themselves.

In Great Transition (Completed)
One by one, the Avengers move into Stark Tower.

Without the Usual Cost of Labor (Completed)
"Someone just reported to SHIELD that whatever was stolen produced “viable offspring,” and we’re hoping that doesn’t mean what we think it does,” Bruce says, evidently deciding to take over for Tony after only one masturbation joke.

Other (Gen)

We Almost Had it All (Completed)
Thor came to accept one fact – he would be the one to bury them all.

Breathe (Completed)
Steve Rogers adjusts to modern life.

Sordid (Completed)
everyone's done porn

The Sky and Everything Beneath It (Completed)
Steve goes on a road trip to clear his head, but the other Avengers won't leave him alone.

Flying The Flag (Completed)
anyone remember the old guy who stood up to Loki when he was trying to get everyone to submit to him? he looked almost as if he was ready to die instead of being ruled by Loki.
guy deserves a medal.

Peter Pan (Completed)
Growing up, coming down, moving on. - Interconnected glimpses.

Fifteen Short Stories About Teamwork (Completed)
They’ve made a start. There’s still a lot to learn about each other.

Family Game Night (Completed)
The Avengers sit down and play Monopoly.

(sleep wake hope and then) (Completed)
Steve Rogers wants to go back to art school. But more than that, he wants to figure out what his legacy is, and what he's doing here.

Code Green (WIP)
Things are finally settling down after Loki. But trouble starts for the team when they find out a secret SHIELD has been hiding.

Five Ways Peggy Carter Dies (Completed)
One way: old and gray and full of sleep.

To Be Modified As Necessary (Completed)
They only need ten rules to ensure (relatively) peaceful cohabitation.

the helicarrier (Completed)
The glass case that holds Captain America's uniform and shield is filled to the brim with what looks like a bright orange gelatin.

A Comforting Presence (WIP)
It starts with Clint, and then from there, every time an Avenger gets hurt (physically or otherwise), they seem to show up at Steve’s doorstep. Eventually he stops bothering to lock it (though Tony breaking in to his apartment every morning might also have something to do with that.)

C’est La Vie, Say the Old Folks (Completed)
Everything is slowing falling back in place. Post-Avengers.

fish of the day (Completed)
14 hours at Avengers Tower.

then as it was, then again it will be (WIP)
When Tony is forty years old, he sees Steve Rogers fall to the ground, blood the color of cough syrup spilling from his mouth.

Resurgam (Completed w/ sequel here)
Steve’s not done any research into cellists in Portland. Tony says that wasn’t very forward-thinking of him.

Steve clutches the brown paper parcel, that’s thicker than it was when he wrapped it first. He says that it’s about the journey.

He says that he’s never once reached his destination.

This Means War (Completed)
Clint decides it's time to teach Thor time-honored bonding practices to help him fit in with his new Midgardian teammates.

In Which the Avengers Take Exception to the Army Meddling in Their Affairs (WIP)
General Ross decides to take on the Avengers. The Avengers decide to take down General Ross.

Midgardian Coming-of-age Customs (Completed)
Thor discovers the concept of sleepovers and demands to have one.

Untitled (Completed)
Avengers & their fanclubs
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